Reminder/PIM application with compact "next 7 days" view?

Hal Burgiss hal at
Sat May 10 16:13:05 UTC 2008

On Sat, May 10, 2008 at 03:54:05PM +0100, Chris G wrote:
> > 
> But what does its "default output" contain?  That's the first hurdle
> to overcome, can it be set up so that it shows the next few days
> events only?

I am sure it can. I beleive the default is today only, but there are
modes for week or month, and so on. I typically either do a week or a
month at a time.

$ remind   /usr/share/remind/hal-once
Reminders for Saturday, 10th May, 2008 (today):

Hair Cut 1:00

> > I use it with cron to populate a html calendar that runs on my local
> > Ubuntu system here, where Apache serves it as password protected to anybody
> > anywhere in the world that has a browser and my password ;-) And it can
> > send me 'reminders' via cron+email for really important events. 
> > 
> Which is just what I'm trying to get away from - I don't want a
> calendar like display and I don't want to be tied to my browser to
> look at it.

But my point is that *I* control how I view it. I am not bound to an
application other than the application I have chosen. Because it is
simple text it can be wrapped in any display vehicle without a great
deal of trouble. But I like to tinker, so I don't mind making it do
*exactly* what I want, when I want. Others may not want to do anything
but a few clicks. 


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