Reminder/PIM application with compact "next 7 days" view?

Dotan Cohen dotancohen at
Sat May 10 14:01:16 UTC 2008

2008/5/10 Chris G <cl at>:
> If that's a mobile phone (or PDA) it won't help me, I do have a mobile
> phone but it's very rarely turned on, its only use is for emergency
> calls etc.  I'm regularly at either my home desktop or my work
> desktop, if I'm at neither then it's odds on I'm up at the end of the
> garden (9 acres, no mobile coverage) or on my 'bike or on my horse,
> none of which are coducive to using a mobile phone!  :-)

You might be able to script something for Supercaramba or KDE 4 easily
enough in python and sqlite. Recurring events would add a layer of
complexity to it, but nothing too difficult.

Dotan Cohen

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