Reminder/PIM application with compact "next 7 days" view?

Chris G cl at
Sat May 10 08:43:14 UTC 2008

I'm looking for a Calendar/Reminder/PIM application which has a
compact (as in small window) view showing the next 7 days or so.      
This is so that I can have it permanently on screen on *all* my
multiple desktop windows along with the clock and the pager.

I *don't* want a current week view, that's pretty useless when you get
to Friday/Saturday.  It can be very simple indeed with just a short
line of text (e.g. "Tue 4th - Dentist" or "Thu 19th - PAYE") for each
item, when I want to see details and enter new items I'll bring up the
full application.

I currently use ReminderFox in Firefox which works OK'ish but I only  
get its reminders on the desktop where I'm running Firefox and the
reminders appear as a 'slider' and then disappear.  I'm really after
something which has a list of current reminders permanently on screen.

Most Calendar/PIM apps are characterised for a business user by being
oriented to a display of Monday-Friday and allowing lots of happenings
each day.  I want a reminder that just tells me the two or three
things that I have to be aware of in the next seven or ten days.

Can anyone suggest anything that might suit me?

Chris Green

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