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> Can anyone point me in the right direction of my inquery.

A short list I made when I was first playing with it to remember.

Rotate Cube			Mouse-wheel on desktop
Rotate Cube Free		Ctrl + Alt + LMB
Film Effect			Ctrl + Alt + Down Arrow
Expo				Super + E (toggle)

Switcher			Alt-Tab
Shift Switcher			Super + Tab
Ring Switcher			Super + Tab (if enabled)
Scale				Shift + Alt + Up Arrow

Screenshot			Super + Mouse Boundary Drag
Transparent Window		Alt + Mouse-wheel
Fire Effects			Super + Shift + LMB
Fire Effects Clear		Super + Shift + C
Annotate			Super + ALT + LMB
Annotate Clear			Super + ALT + K
Negative Window			Super + N
Negative Screen			Super + M

The next way is to click on an effect from the Advanced Desktop Effect
Settings (System->Preferences) and click through the tabs for the ones
you're interested in. You'll usually find the keyboard shortcuts, and
change them if you want.

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