I need some advice on BIG external storage units

Steven Davies-Morris sdavmor at systemstheory.net
Fri May 9 23:06:06 UTC 2008

John K Masters wrote:
> On 22:43 Fri 09 May     , Tom Rausner wrote:
>> Hi !
>> I'm going to by myself a BIG (1 TB, maby 2..) external storage. The
>> question is; what to by ? A lot of them are pointed at geting used
>> with Windows and that might be a problem (internal software etc.).
>> Are there some ones amongst you guys, having some experiences to share ?
>> Tom Rausner
>> tom at tomtech.dk
> I've just bought a 1TB Buffalo Linkstation and am finding it excellent.
> It's controlled by a minimal Debian system running Samba & CUPS for file
> & print sharing, has 2 USB ports to connect more storage or printers and
> worked out of the box when I plugged it into my home LAN.
> If you don't need/want networking then really just about anything will
> do but I would tend to stick with the big names like Western Digital,
> Maxtor etc.
> But I really recommend the Linkstation.
> Regards, John

I 2nd the recommendation for Linkstation.  I don't have the 1TB but my 
experience for the last 18 months with dozens of the 250gb models is good.
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