Karl Larsen k5di at
Fri May 9 21:16:31 UTC 2008

John Baker wrote:
> Mario and all,there were no flames felt !!,I asked questions and got answers 
    Hi John, the problem with your original question was it was too 
general. No-one could say much. I watched and they had some fun at your 
expense but it was fun.

    My advise is to use this list. There is a lot of great information 
past here and so just read it as you can. And next time you write, have 
a well thought out specific issue to ask for information about.

    I like your Irish from God I think it might be, and Marine by 
choice. I was in the Navy as a pilot for a twin engined wind jammer in 
the Korean Conflict. I was pilot due to hard of hearing and the USNR 
because I joined a Navy Reserve Unit. I was Drafted or would never have 

    So I keep low profile with my military stuff :-)



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