8.04 Evolution Send/Receive Button Went Inactive

Donald Iddings iddingdj05 at comcast.net
Fri May 9 20:25:56 UTC 2008

anybody have any ideas why Evolution send/receive went inactive all of a
sudden & this was before the first set of updates which were all
recommended? This was a fresh install of 8.04 although this is now my
fourth distro for Ubuntu I have used beginning with 6.10. Won't receive
any email even though the the Evolution Preferences, Receiving Options
tab is set to check for messages automatically every 10 minutes which I
think is the default. Worked fine for about 4 days or so when I first
installed 8.04 Hardy. All other buttons on the Evolution tool bar are
active, other than that everything else on 8.04 continues to function
normally? This problem happens to be on a Thinkpad T60 but I also have
Ubuntu 7.10 on a desktop which is where I am composing this email. 
iddingdj05 at comcast.net

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