Noob Question

John K Masters johnmasters at
Fri May 9 18:49:43 UTC 2008

On 20:39 Thu 08 May     , Alfonso Maschio wrote:
> Thanks Michael i really appreciated your help, but a i need a Linux kernel
> to experiment. But thanks any way.
> On 5/8/08, michael crane <crane at> wrote:
> >
> > Alfonso Maschio wrote:
> > > Thaks for asking Derek, but i only find the ubuntu-users list. Can u
> > > pass me the Ubuntu-Sparc mailing list? Thaks a lot.
> > > I put noob because i think that instaling in x86 Architecture is as easy
> > > to in Sparc, But i can see that is not.
> > > Again, Sorry for my bad English.
> >

You may have better luck asking on the Debian lists. Just don't tell them
you're using Ubuntu :)

IIRC each Debian release has to be stable on something like 9 different
architectures before it is released. That is why they have no fixed
release date and are sometimes regarded as being out of date. But if you
want a rock solid platform, you can't do better. (Except maybe

Regards, John
I wish I was young enough to know everything.

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