Install problem with 8.04 alternate CD

sani.broyeur at sani.broyeur at
Fri May 9 13:29:17 UTC 2008

I gave up istalling 8.04... My 2006 ASUS mobo wasn't recognized by any available
official CD/DVD. Either infinite syslog loop around IDENTIFY sata error, or
busybox prompt without further notice.

It seems that it nonetheless installs with 7.10 ;-)

8.04 needs some more tuning...

Rgds, Chris

Selon Cola <yue315012-ubuntu at>:

> I want to install Ubuntu 8.04 on my PC with alternate CD, but got problem.
>   At the begning, everything is OK, the alternate CD booted, then choose
> Install from the menu. The system booted. Then choose keyboard, detect CD,
> etc, something like this. Then the problem comes when the system said need to
> enter the hostname. I can't input anything with my keyboard, it seems the
> system hangs. I try several times, but got same results.
>   The same problem occurs when I need to enter into recover mode. after I
> choose to enter into the recover mode in the grub menu, system can boot. when
> the system comes out with the first dialogue to choose something(I forgot
> what is it, only remember it is the first TXT dialogue), but the keryboard
> died.
>   My PC: Jetway A690G, AMD 4200+, 2G Mem, vga is onboard
>   Anybody has the answer?Thanks
> ---------------------------------

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