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> FOLKS PLEASE! I am up to my neck in alligators!!
> I want so very badly to learn Linux and UNIX that I am learning it badly!!!!
> point me in the right direction PLEASE!!!! 

Go here:

Look here at the slideshow 
(Warning: this is all console and command line!):

Download the CD here:

Burn it to a disc as explained here:

Check that your BIOS boots from CD before hard drive, then boot the CD.

Explore. *Make sure you follow the tutorials.*

Obvious disclaimer: I wrote most of it.
Excuse: The CD is aimed at people who want to learn and get a
CLUE ( Command Line User Experience)


You will learn how to find the process producing the alligators,
and kill it ;-)


"INX Is Not X" Live CD based on Ubuntu 7.04 :
Screenshots slideshow:
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