Virtualbox: after install, trying to restart it, having two problems

Steven Davies-Morris sdavmor at
Fri May 9 03:13:16 UTC 2008

I finally got Virtualbox going on top of Hardy Heron.  Woo hoo.  But two 
problems have come up since yesterday when I test drove it.   I am 
running an AMD 64+ using the 32 bit i386 version of 8.04.  The chipset 
is NVidia.  I have no issues with the video and LAN cards.

1) When looking at my virtual "general" definitions, I get this message:

Failed to access the USB subsystem.

Could not load the Host USB Proxy Service (VERR_FILE_NOT_FOUND). The 
service might be not installed on the host computer.

Result Code:
IHost {81729c26-1aec-46f5-b7c0-cc7364738fdb}
IMachine {f95c0793-7737-49a1-85d9-6da81097173b}

Any thoughts on how I get Ubuntu to recognize my USB devices so it can 
then pass them on to the WinXP virtual?

2) I have a "black screen of zilch" failure on start up (which may 
really be a "blue screen of death AFAIK).  Is there some sort of 
recovery tool or have I somehow shot myself in the head and will need to 
start from scratch with a new virtual.  I hadn't done smart things like 
take a snapshot since I had only installed a couple of apps.
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