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Steve Lamb grey at
Thu May 8 16:46:13 UTC 2008

On Thu, May 8, 2008 12:18 am, Noiano wrote:
> Steve Lamb wrote:
>>     Only in daemon mode and only if you do not alter the defaults to raise
>> or lower the number of threads it implements.  It works perfectly fine
>> as a single-threaded on-demand application.

> Where do you choose this operating mode? in spamassasin
> settings? I see evolution doesn't use spamc but it executes
> lots of istances of did you manage this?

    Each of these I do not know.  Personally I use SA in daemon mode on a
Debian box to do SMTP-time filtering prior to reading it in Thunderbird
or Squirrelmail.  Client-use, on-demand filtering on Ubuntu via
Evolution is about as far from my configuration as you can get.  I just
know that it is possible.

> Using spamc the inbox scanning is a lot faster....

    This is because spamd is loaded as a daemon and spamc is used to
communicate with that daemon.  You're effectively cutting out the
load/init portion of spamd's run.  The downside, of course, is that
spamd needs to be running all the time.  Great idea for SMTP-time
filtering, not so great for on-demand, client-side filtering.

Steve Lamb

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