Calendar/PIM applications - recommendations?

Wade Smart wadesmart at
Wed May 7 23:04:37 UTC 2008

Dotan Cohen wrote:
> 2008/5/8 Wade Smart <wadesmart at>:
>> 20080507 1610 GMT-6
>> I extracted the app to a folder on my desktop. I extracted all folders within to
>> the same desktop folder. I then ran a search for text within any document for
>> the file that is giving me errors. Wouldnt there be some line somewhere that
>> said - this file is located here?
>> My thought was, if I could find that line I could find where it thought it was.
>> Wade
> If you are installing with dpkg, then you have a compiled binary. You
> could run it through strings but I doubt that will get you far. See if
> there is a tarball available, which traditionally contain uncompiled
> code. That's where you want to search, and yes, there is a good chance
> that you'll find what you are looking for.
> Dotan Cohen

20080507 1802 GMT-6

The package is rainlendar2-lite_2.3.b54-1_i386.deb.
I found a older one, Rainlendar-Lite-2.0.2.tar.bz2 but it was suggested not to 
use the older packages in the news I found on it.

The search I described above was on the bz2 package that I found.


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