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2008/5/6 Noiano <noiano at>:
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>  Arthur wrote:
>  > |try to run :
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>  >     |dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg|
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>  >  & choose options
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>  I was unsuccessful :-(...what the hell can do about this
>  problem?
>  I have no idea
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I have an even older Compaq (Evo N610c) with a Radeon mobility 7500M.
To make it work with xrandr I had to change the xorg.conf and add in
the screen section a "display" subsection where I defined a virtual
screen. Now you may wonder: why don't you post your xorg.conf? and the
answer is that my laptop is at home... if you need it I will post

Before this change the GUI "knew" there was another screen but only
the clone mode was working and the and the command line xrandr did not
work at all.
Now I still have to access the GUI and enable the screen before xrandr
start working (there must be a simple way to avoid this step, but I
haven't found it yet) and after that I can place the secondary screen
wherever I want on my big virtual desktop.

Since you tried everything you may want to try this too ;-)



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