VirtualBox causing big peaks in CPU

Paolo paolo2 at
Wed May 7 15:51:40 UTC 2008


I used VirtualBox 1.5.6 very easily and with no problems on Gutsy in order to 
run Windows XP, giving it 400Mb of memory.

Since the upgrade to Hardy Virtual Box still runs (it asked to be reinstalled), 
but I get a lot of peaks of CPU usage as soon as I open the WIndows box. It 
makes it quite difficult to use.

I have clicked the VirtualBox packet in Synaptic, hoping that it will upgrade 
someday soon, because I see version 1.6 is now released on the VirtualBox site.

Is anyone else having the same experience?

Any ideas what to do about it? I was considering perhaps trying to install 
version 1.6 manually ...


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