The bird and the fox aren't talking after changing back to 2.*

Wulfy wulfmann at
Wed May 7 15:11:58 UTC 2008

Brian Lunergan wrote:
> Hi ho:
> May not be an ubuntu question as such, but since there seems to be much 
> talk on jumping back to a 2.* version of Firefox I'll give it a try.
> Saved out my bookmarks and passwords. Pulled both entries for Firefox and 
> the assortment of extensions. Put back v2.*. Had to kill off .mozilla 
> completely and start clean. Reinstalling all the supporting cast (password, 
> bookmarks, etc.) with out problem. By itself Firefox seems fine, but links 
> in the addon windows in both the fox and the bird, and links within emails 
> no longer respond. The change obviously broke something, but what?? Any 
> ideas on how I might fix this?
> Oh ya. Had 7.10. Moved to 8.04 without apparent problem. Guess I just got 
> lucky about it liking my hardware setup. Decided to give the KDE4 desktop a 
> try. Some quirks to learn about, but nothing is likely to be 
> insurmountable. That's where my system stands at the moment
> Regards...
In Tbird:  Edit/Preferences...  Advanced Tab/Config Editor...

search for:

The string values must now be firefox-2 in order for TB to pass links to 
Firefox.... you can create them if they don't exist...




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