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Michael Zoet Michael.Zoet at zoet.de
Wed May 7 14:46:21 UTC 2008

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>> The manpage for apt is useless, by its own admission. Contrary to
>> popular belief documentation should not be an afterthought or just
>> plainly ignored.
> Huh?  Imo, there shouldn't even _be_ a man page for apt.  It's not a
> (well, on my system it actually _is_ but it's some kind of alias for
> javac).  apt is a "concept", tying together a whole slew of packages.
> So I agree that the man page is useless, but in this case I think it
> _should_ be ignored (and removed).
Actually there are two manpages for apt!

One for the section 1 and one for section 8 of the manpages!


"man 1 apt" - you get the manpage of "apt - annotation processing
tool" which is related to JAVA programming. There should/must be a
manpage for that!.


"man 8 apt" - you get the manpage of "apt - Advanced Package Tool"
which is the Debian/Ubuntu package management system

Both manpages are very usefull for me! Even if the manpage of the apt
package system is incomplete, as mentioned in the manpage, you get
valuable information if you follow the "see also" manpages mentioned.
So you know where to get next!

By the way: not every manpage is a command! Just type "man asin" or
"man 3 error" and a lot of other manpages. You will see there are lots
of manpages that are not command related! Even configuration files
have manpages. For example: "man fstab" or "man exports".

I really hope nobody will ever change this valuable information


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