My laptop can't shutdown correctly

Paul S paulatgm at
Wed May 7 12:23:04 UTC 2008

Ericson Zang said the following on 05/07/2008 07:51 AM:
> Hi~Everyone~
> I'm using ubuntu8.04 on my Benq(a taiwan brand) laptop, with a T2050 CPU 
> and Intel 945 chipset.
> This is the 3rd version of ubuntu I've used.  Since 6.10 I can't 
> shutdown my laptop with Shutdown button, or shutdown command.
> But reboot is alright, nothing abnormal.
> When I try to shutdown my laptop, all the process seems alright at 
> first, but in the end it stopped at the "ubuntu" screen.
> Is this about the power management?
> How can I fix it?

might be some help on launchpad .. search for bugs.  one is


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