Server Questions

Patton Echols p.echols at
Wed May 7 07:06:47 UTC 2008

On 05/06/2008 10:38 PM, Chris Mohler wrote:
> I would advise fleeing (screaming) from domain control.  Using a samba
> server for centralized file storage should be enough - you won't need
> peer-to-peer access in XP any longer.  Setting the samba machine to be
> the authority on the network should be sufficient.
> Every winboxen in the same workgroup, the samba machine in the same
> workgroup, and the samba machine as the authority has worked well for
> me in small, mixed networks with win98, win2k, XP and OSX machines all
> playing well together.
> Chris
Ok, what do you mean by samba as the authority, if not a domain 
controller.  Is there some middle ground between the samba server being 
another peer, and being a domain controller? 


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