vncserver unable to connect to host: Connection refused (111) 7.10

NoOp glgxg at
Wed May 7 00:19:08 UTC 2008

On 05/06/2008 02:48 PM, primorec wrote:

>  I can start viewer on the offending machine and work with any remote host.
> So, the vncviewer on the offending machine  ( is working.
> So, the  problem is:
> vncviewer can NOT conenct to the vnc server on the same machine (aka
> offending machine)
> vncviewer on any other host can not connect to the vncserver on the
> offending machine
> but it connects to any other server on any other host.
> Any hint, advice, RTFM pointer, solution is more than welcome

Have you enabled remote on the target machine?

System|Preferences|Remote Desktop

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