OpenOffice alternative?

Karl Larsen k5di at
Tue May 6 21:05:44 UTC 2008

Terrell Prudé Jr. wrote:
> R Kimber wrote:
>> What alternatives to OpenOffice do people use for a word processor?
>> I'm struggling with OO.  Since the 8.04 upgrade arial won't appear as
>> arial and saved arial documents come up with a bizarre-looking font
>> called Albany, which isn't anything like Albany on the font websites
>> and which doesn't seem to exist on my machine under that name.
>> Also, OO wouldn't correctly print a saved letter that had an anchored
>> table imported from the OO spreadsheet.  Only the first cell of the
>> table was printed.
>> I tried re-installing, and that did fix other issues that I had.
>> So, I'm looking for a word processor that "just works" [TM]   :-)
>> What do people use?
>> - Richard
> AbiWord and KWord for any RTF documents at home.
> However, I use at work all the time, with msttcorefonts
> installed.  And I do so in a total Microsoft shop.  That is, I'm always
> sending/receiving MS Word-formatted docs to all my MS Office
> XP/2003-using colleagues, and they don't know the difference.  It works
> great.
> Yes, I use the that comes with the distro, and I've been
> doing so since Hoary Hedgehog.  The only time I've ever had a document
> look "ugly" when using Arial or Times New Roman is when I *thought* I
> had msttcorefonts installed...but didn't.  You might want to verify that
> one more time.
> --TP
    Hello guys, I am using Open Office version 2.3 and I do have the 
microsoft fonts and am on Ubuntu 7.10 and it seems to be just great. Not 
sure the font will show but the bit below is Arial font:

It can't be done in the Thunderbird mail client. But anyway it does sure 
look to like Arial :-)

Please send us the version of Open Office your using. Like the other guy 
says he can match any font the guys using Word use.

I am long retired but liked to make Power Point charts to display my 
companies things and they would use a Linux font not like anything on 
Windows. Later I would be asked "where did you get that font?"



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