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jennie susan jennie_susan at
Tue May 6 21:00:40 UTC 2008

i am a master degree student doing my thesis on network access control, i am just trying to set up an environment where i can do 802.1X port based authentication.

i have a radius server running in ubuntu 7.10, which works fine, i tested with eapol_test tool that comes with wpa_supplicant.

but for my thesis i have to ( really really have to use) use xsupplicant for peap authentication with wpa encryption configured in the access point, when i used network manager to use peap everything works fine, i can connect to my test network... i can ping my access point, my radius server authenticates the user, everything just works out of the box. but unfortunately i have to test using xsupplicant i have searched the web for 2 weeks, everybody recommand to use wpa supplicant, which i dont required to use.

So the test i have done is, i have added my wireless interface to my /etc/network/interfaces file which disable the nm applet. Then i tested using xsupplicant, it says authenticated but i cannot ping any hosts in my test network, i cannot even ping my access point, which is configured as a dhcp server as well. i cannot do dhclient wlan0, so i used static ip and added a route to my default gateway which is basically my access point's ip. still i cannot ping my access point. i dont know what to do, neither i know whats happing. i have to finish my thesis by end of this week. any help or hint will be appreciable. 

I am using Linksys broadband router as my access point, and configured the router to use wpa enterprise with tkip key management. i tired to kill network manager, so that it wont interfere with the xsupplicant but the porcessing is not working either. when i tired to remove network manager, it removes whole ubuntu desktop which i dont wan to do.. i really dont want to remove network manager, it works prefectly fine for me i jsut want to disable it to try xsupplicant. 

 I am just wondering, how do network manager successfully use peap? does it uses wpa_supplicant, if that is the case how to disable wpa_supplicant also... i just want to test xsupplicant, i dont want to mess with network manager or wpa_supplicant which works fine in my laptop.

Thank you for taking time for me,



 network_list = all
default_netname = testnet
default_interface = wlan0
type = wireless
allow_types = eap_peap
identity = anonymous
wpa_pairwise_cipher = tkip
wpa_group_cipher = tkip
 eap-peap {
      root_cert = /etc/xsupplicant/certs/cacert.pem
      chunk_size = 1398
      random_file = /dev/urandom 
      session_resume = yes
      eap-mschapv2 {
        username = testuser
        password = "password"


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