H/W: motherboard MSI P35 Neo3 ... any problem ?

Vincent Trouilliez vincent.trouilliez at modulonet.fr
Tue May 6 20:09:57 UTC 2008

Hi list,

I am about to replace my 6 year old nForce motherboard that sits in my
10 year old machine, with something newer.

There are zillions of motherboard out there, but I must have strange
requirements, because after hours of home work, I found only one single
board that really fits my needs and wishes: the MSI P35 Neo3:


Problem: for some reason, I found veeeeery little info/feedback on this
board on the internet, where ever I searched. I even found conflicting
information: an article on some on-line magazine, mentionned (and
provided screenshots) that this board had no BIOS (!), but some
revolutionnary "EFI" thing instead, apparently already featured in
modern Apple machines they say. But, I downloaded the manual of the
board from the MSI web site, and the manual describes a good old
fashioned BIOS, no EFI to be found.

So I resort to adding traffic on this busy list to ask if someone has
feedback on this specific board: any problem ? I am particularly
interested in the PATA controller (JMicron JMB 363), as I will depend
on it to re-use my existing DVD writer and back-up hard drive.
Yes I did do my home work on the JMIcron chips, and that too led to
confusing info, seems support for it has experienced ups and downs
through the various kernel versions, so the only way to know for sure if
it works well TODAY, is to ask you ;-)

Thanks for any help,



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