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Bob Cortez rjcortez at
Tue May 6 19:52:26 UTC 2008

On Tue, May 6, 2008 at 11:18 AM, norman <norman at> wrote:

> > > I have noticed that when I shut down I get a listing of what the
> > > computer is doing. This has only started to happen since I changed to
> > > 8.04, with 7.10 all I got was the moving bar. How do I get rid of this
> > > listing and revert to just the bar, please?
> >
> > Do you get a listing when booting as well? If not, does the shutdown
> > process take more time than under 7.10? Ubuntu will switch from a bar to
> > a listing when something takes a lot of time (don't know the time
> > exactly), to show the user why it's taking so long.
> No, listing only occurs on shut down. I am sorry but I cannot remember
> exactly but I would guess that it is taking longer than before

Is there a way to "capture" the shutdown display?  When I'm shutting down,
there are error's and failures but it goes by so fast I can read it.  It
appears to be about the Network Manager which I still cant get to recognize
the wireless option.
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