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Tue May 6 19:12:41 UTC 2008

On Tue, 2008-05-06 at 16:55 +0200, Noiano wrote: 
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> ssc1478 wrote:
> > Evolution is not catching any spam.  I've been clicking the Junk button
> > long enough that it should have learned. 
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> > I only have bogofilter installed. Am I missing something obvious here?
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> > Thanks,
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> > PHil
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> Same thing happens to me even using spamassasin plugin.
> Nothing changes with latest updates...have you find a solution?

Two things:
1. spamassasin is overkill for a single desktop machine. IIRC, it
launches, at minimum, five instances of itself (or maybe it's 5 threads)
that makes a noticeable impact on system resources. bogofilter works
just fine once you get it working :)

2. Train bogofilter

create 2 files in your home directory

$ touch spambox hambox

In evolution create a new mail account. For the email address use
anything like, local at localhost. It won't matter since your not going to
actually use this to receive mail. For the server type choose "Unix
Standard Mbox Spool File" Click the Path button and choose the spambox
file you just created a moment ago. Click through until you get to the
server type for sending email. Change the server type to sendmail. Click
through the rest and apply the settings. You should have a new account
listed in the side pane with an Inbox, Junk, and Trash folder if all
went well. 

Instead using the Junk button to identify spam, just move the spam
messages over to the inbox of the new account you created. Collect about
200 spam messages. When you have that amount, go into the mail account
preferences and edit the spam collection account. Click on the Receiving
Email tab and then click the Path button. Change the file from spambox
to hambox and click ok. The inbox of the new account should be empty.

Now what you want to do is fill the inbox with good mail copied over
from your regular email account(s), say a 100 or so. Actually, you
probably don't need this many, but more helps keep the false positives
down. Use samples of each type of email you get. Some person-to-person,
mailing-list messages, business correspondence, etc.

When you have enough good email, then open a terminal and type in the
following commands from your home directory.

$ mv .bogofilter/wordlist.db .bogofilter/worlist.db-backup
$ bogofilter -s < spambox
$ bogofilter -h < hambox 

Bogofilter should now be adequately trained and hopefully will start
doing a better job of filtering out the junk. Now that the bogofilter
wordlist has reached critical mass, marking new junk with the Junk
button should work better. The spam collecton account can be deleted,
though you may want to archive the spambox/hambox files if you ever need
to quickly train bogofilter again.

For more info on training methods for bogofilter see its FAQ


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