Does anybody use apt-get dist-upgrade to upgrade to Hardy?

Derek Broughton news at
Tue May 6 13:54:23 UTC 2008

Derek Broughton <news <at>> writes:

> Oliver Grawert wrote:
> > use update-manager-core for commandline upgrades, dont use apt-get if
> > you cant handle the fallout you get with it (u-m has builtin handling
> > for a ton of special cases to guarantee a smooth upgrade in any case.
> Guarantee?  That's a huge improvement over Gutsy...
> I tried update-manager for the first time with gutsy, and it broke, so I
> went back to aptitude.


Sorry, Oliver, I want my money back :-)

There should be a decent warning that it can't run in a reasonable business 
day.  It ran 6+ hours - with much disk activity for the last two, where it 
didn't actually seem to do anything - before I had to turn off my laptop.  Next 
time I'll just stick to aptitude, as, of course, the system is totally borked 
now.  It can boot to single-user mode, but / is mounted read-only, it can't 
read the LVM (which contains /usr, /var and /home) and I don't even know 
exactly how much it has done of the install.

I know you developers don't like aptitude, but for those of us who know what 
it's doing, it's far more predictable.

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