OpenOffice alternative?

Clayton smaug42 at
Tue May 6 13:40:32 UTC 2008

> What alternatives to OpenOffice do people use for a word processor?
>  I'm struggling with OO.  Since the 8.04 upgrade arial won't appear as
>  arial and saved arial documents come up with a bizarre-looking font
>  called Albany, which isn't anything like Albany on the font websites
>  and which doesn't seem to exist on my machine under that name.
>  Also, OO wouldn't correctly print a saved letter that had an anchored
>  table imported from the OO spreadsheet.  Only the first cell of the
>  table was printed.
>  I tried re-installing, and that did fix other issues that I had.
>  So, I'm looking for a word processor that "just works" [TM]   :-)
>  What do people use?

I use all the time.  Did you only try this all with the
Ubuntu build of  Or... did you go with the official
builds from the website?  Have you installed all your
fonts including the Microsoft fonts?

If you look to the OOo mailing lists and forums, you will see that the
oft repeated statement there if you have any weird issues with OOo
is... Stop using the distro build and install the one direct from


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