OpenOffice alternative?

R Kimber rkimber at
Tue May 6 13:13:29 UTC 2008

What alternatives to OpenOffice do people use for a word processor?

I'm struggling with OO.  Since the 8.04 upgrade arial won't appear as
arial and saved arial documents come up with a bizarre-looking font
called Albany, which isn't anything like Albany on the font websites
and which doesn't seem to exist on my machine under that name.

Also, OO wouldn't correctly print a saved letter that had an anchored
table imported from the OO spreadsheet.  Only the first cell of the
table was printed.

I tried re-installing, and that did fix other issues that I had.

So, I'm looking for a word processor that "just works" [TM]   :-)
What do people use?

- Richard
Richard Kimber

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