Firefox 3.0 woes

John K Masters johnmasters at
Mon May 5 19:55:00 UTC 2008

My upgrade to Hardy went very well apart from a couple of minor
agravations and one major one. The move from FF2 to FF3.

So I have done away with my Foxmarks and am manually handling any
changes to bookmarks but, even more of a pain, FF3 is hogging resources
and slowing down the system considerably.

Boot up is no worse than before but once logged in FF3 uses approx 66%
CPU for the first 6-7 minutes making the system totally unresponsive.
Then at various intervals it does the same, even when I am not surfing
but just have it open in another workspace. This is extremely annoying.

My system, although not exactly cutting edge, should be enough to cope:-
P4 2.8GB, 1GB RAM, NVidia GForce 400 (Yeah, I know its old but I don't
do a lot of graphics)

Has anybody had the same problem or is it just me?

Regards, John
I wish I was young enough to know everything.

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