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Mon May 5 17:17:32 UTC 2008

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From: Joseph <ubuntu at>
> Just this morning, I got an eMail (in Thunderbird from my 
> daughter in which I could not read the text.  It appeared completely blank.
> Then I hit "reply" to ask why she'd send me a blank eMail.  When the 
> reply came up, there was the text of our previous conversation as well 
> as her last comments.
> I didn't add any programs yesterday or this morning, so what could have 
> happened and what can I do to get text in the preview pane of my 
> Thunderbird without hitting "reply"?
> Joseph
Many things could affect that, but you have only mentioned Thunderbird.
I don't use Tbird, but I have also seen this occasionally. Was this a one-time
event, or is this "normal" now for your setup? What system was _she_ using?
She may have sent it using a different mail program, such as her ISP's webmail.
You'll get a better answer if you provide more info in your question. :-)


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