Firefox Not showing Text

Derek Broughton news at
Mon May 5 16:38:02 UTC 2008

Joseph wrote:

> Just this morning, I got an eMail (in Thunderbird from my
> daughter in which I could not read the text.  It appeared completely
> blank.
> Then I hit "reply" to ask why she'd send me a blank eMail.  When the
> reply came up, there was the text of our previous conversation as well
> as her last comments.
> I didn't add any programs yesterday or this morning, so what could have
> happened and what can I do to get text in the preview pane of my
> Thunderbird without hitting "reply"?

Examine the source - it's probably "multipart/alternative", and one part
(the part you're seeing) is probably blank (and text/html). The part you
reply to is probably text/plain.

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