Calendar/PIM applications - recommendations?

Dotan Cohen dotancohen at
Mon May 5 16:36:59 UTC 2008

2008/5/5 Chris G <cl at>:
> I'm looking for a desktop calendar application that can pop up
> reminders for appointments etc. without me having to explicitly run
> the application.  If it includes an address book then so much the
> better but it's not very important.  I don't want an all singing, all
> dancing application like Evolution because I use mutt on a remote
> system for my E-Mail.  I just want an effective calendar and
> appointments application.
> Any recommendations?
> I currently run J-Pilot which is OK *except* that it doesn't fulfil
> the pop-up reminders requirement (I do have an ancient Palm Pilot
> which is why I've been using J-Pilot).

I vote for Korganizer, which depends upon KDE so it will be a big
install. The current 3.5.9 is very stable, though 3.5.8 seemed to be a
bit more so. The code is currently being ported over to Qt 4, which
should turn out to be an amazing piece of software. Though, I plan on
staying in the 3.x branch for at least another year.

Korganizer can pop up notifications when you need. They can also be
delayed when they popup, like a snooze alarm. The popups have links to
the full event, birthday, or whatnot.

Dotan Cohen

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