how to install TV application on Ubuntu

Nils Kassube kassube at
Mon May 5 05:43:59 UTC 2008

loody wrote:
> Actually, I have no idea which application I need and I even have no
> any tuner card yet.
> I want to both see analog and digital tv.
> my questions are:
> 1. Which tuner card should I buy?

Have a look at <>. There you find information about 
hardware supported by Linux. But be careful to choose only fully 
supported hardware, because if it is not yet fully supported, it may take 
a long time (think years, not weeks) until you can really use your 

> 2. Does the tuner card that I can use must support video4linux or it
> depends on the package that I choose?

Video4linux is used for analog TV, not for digital TV. But as you want to 
watch both analog and digital TV it should also support v4l.


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