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Mon May 5 01:52:30 UTC 2008

>>>>> "Ed" == Ed Jabbour <ejbr at att.net> writes:

    Ed> Wireless networking is set up via /etc/network/interfaces.  It
    Ed> works fine, unless I visit the local coffee shop - different
    Ed> network, so it's a real pain to set up.  There must be an easier
    Ed> way - something that lists all available networks and asks
    Ed> "which one do you want?" .  I use kde and have tried
    Ed> knetworkmanager, kwifimanager and wireless assistant.  None of
    Ed> them does that - w/o a connection, no networks are listed.  Any
    Ed> advice, pointers, etc.  appreciated.

Hi. I would suggest you to read the man page of iwconfig and iwlist. You
can use command-line tool instead of NetworkManager or other GUI. 

To find the wireless list, try to type this in the command window:

| iwlist eth1 scan

try to replace eth1 with your wireless card's name.

Good luck!

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