Multiple grub menu.lst?

Derek Broughton news at
Sun May 4 20:18:38 UTC 2008

Please don't reply to _me_.  I use gmane for a reason...

Charlie Zender wrote:

>> What I do not understand, from the error message, is why you cannot
>> mount /boot from the command line.  Clearly the UUID in your fstab is
>> resolving to the correct location.
> It bothers me that the only UUID points to sda1.
> I thought each partition is supposed to have its own UUID.

Each _filesystem_ has a UUID (actually, each filesystem that supports UUID -
but all the usual ones do).  A partition with no filesystem on it
(considering swap as a filesystem for this purpose) has no uuid. 

> Or is it only one UUID per disk?
> If not, why does sda1 report, and sda2 and sda5 not report, UUIDs?

>From an earlier post:
    Device Boot      Start         End      Blocks   Id  System
/dev/sda1   *           1          31      248976   83  Linux
/dev/sda2              32       11978    95964277+   5  Extended
/dev/sda5              32       11978    95964246   8e  Linux LVM

It's obvious.  sda2 is an extended partition, and sda5 is an LVM - neither
of those can have filesystems, therefore they won't have a UUID.  There
should, however, be UUIDs on the filesystems within the LVM.  I can't say
I've ever tried to figure out how that works (I use LVM, and fstab just
uses the names in /dev/mapper).  Also, if your /boot is supposed to be on
the LVM, no wonder you have problems!  I believe it can be done, but it's
not for the faint hearted.

>> Then we can try to mount /boot.  make sure you have no files in /boot
>> open, and that none of your command shells are currently in /boot
>> Then try a sudo mount /boot again.
> fails as before with
> zender at virga:~$ sudo mount /boot
> sudo: unable to resolve host virga
> mount: /dev/sda1 already mounted or /boot busy

Sorry, but I haven't seen anything in previous posts that suggests /boot
has, or should have, a mount point.  That would seem to be part of the
issue.  According to the fstab I saw, your boot directory has to be in /,
on /dev/sda1 - that's mounted and visible (well it would have to be...). 
In any case, it seems to me more likely that you _used_ to have a /boot
partition, and you're no longer pointing at it in fstab.
>> Also, try to run sudo fuser /boot to
>> see if any processes are listed as accessing /boot
> This returns nothing
> zender at virga:~$ sudo fuser /boot
> sudo: unable to resolve host virga
> zender at virga:~$

I thought you said the hostname problem was fixed...  I really doubt there's
a connection, but it goes against the grain to try fixing problems when the
tool you're using has a problem of its own.

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