wireless roaming

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Sun May 4 23:55:50 UTC 2008

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From: Ed Jabbour <ejbr at att.net>
> Wireless networking is set up via /etc/network/interfaces.  It works fine, 
> unless I visit the local coffee shop - different network, so it's a real pain 
> to set up.  There must be an easier way - something that lists all available 
> networks and asks "which one do you want?" .  I use kde and have tried 
> knetworkmanager, kwifimanager and wireless assistant.  None of them does 
> that - w/o a connection, no networks are listed.  Any advice, pointers, etc. 
> appreciated.    
I don't know enough about wireless to help you, but have a question that
might help others help you: Are you booting your laptop AFTER you get to
the coffee shop, or is it already running? Booting up to their network may
very well be different than roaming into it after already being set for another.
(I assume giving up coffee would be out of the question. :-P) Good luck.


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