On Buying Another Computer, Or A Mother Board And Harddrive

Pastor JW pastor_jw at the-inner-circle.org
Sun May 4 23:15:27 UTC 2008

On Sunday 04 May 2008 02:48:31 pm Bar Meshiaka wrote:
> Friends,
>        I was asked not to use the HTML format in writing posts here, but I
> do not know how to change our computer settings, so please forgive me for
> writing this post in the way it is written.
>   A few days ago, we bought a copy of Ubuntu 7.04 and a copy of Hardy Heron
> 8.10 OS off of the internet.
>   We have a 2-1/2-year-old HP Media Center PC and as it turns out, it's got
> a rootkit in the BIOS of the computer.
>   I first put Ubuntu 7.04 OS on it thinking that it might ignore the
> rootkit in the BIOS, as it was written for a Windows computer (by the
> hacker who wrote it).
>   Ubuntu 7.04 got through about 95% of the loading process, but in the last
> 5%, it would not load the security items that are in the OS.  I thought
> this very strange.
>   A couple of days later, I then tried installing Hardy Heron 8.10 OS and
> immediately it told me that there was a bug in the BIOS.  There was some
> more information that was on the screen, but it went too fast for me to
> write it down.
>   I have been in a war with a pretty sophisticated hacker for 5 years.  He
> has killed off 8 computers so far, this HP included.  All of them were PCs,
> except for one MacIntosh.
You just need to reinstall a new BIOS.  Its not really hard, just look up your 
motherboard's manufacturer and pick the one for your motherboard.  Problem 
however is that you are running Linux on the same hardware as you were using 
originally so unless you protect your access to the BIOS you will have your 
same problem again.  There is nothing sophisticated about a destructive 
hacker, he is just another vandal is all.  You have heard the term, "lower 
than a snake's belly"?  Well a snake would have to stoop to reach him!

73 de N7PSV aka Pastor JW <n><   PDGA# 35276

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