Reverting to non beta Firefox (stan)

Michael Perry mpmilestogo at
Sun May 4 22:24:22 UTC 2008

Excerpted from one of the digests...

> Date: Sun, 4 May 2008 17:51:57 -0400
> From: stan <stanb at>
> Subject: Reverting to non beta Firefox
> To: Ubuntu Linux List <ubuntu-users at>
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> Is it possible to go back to a non beta version of Firefox, once one has
> upgraded to 8.04? I am having some MAJOR issues with the beta version.

I just did this on a AMD64 and a thinkpad laptop.  I had a few 
interesting difficulties with libxul and missing dependencies after 
removing firefox-3.  Basically, could not get most of the plugins I use 
to actually work with the beta and removing the beta removes bits and 
pieces of things the remaining plugins need to work with firefox-2. I 
could not get sun-java6-jre or the plugin to work at all until I copied 
the actual plugin into the /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins directory.  There is 
some kind of wrapper that gets installed in /usr/lib/xul something or 
other which wants to find a library in /usr/lib/i386 which does not 
exist  on my system at all.

Short story. You can do it because i did it. A little persistence and 
creativitiy will pay off; but the existing add-ins and extensions I like 
to use will fail with the new .mozilla directories in the user's home.

I think its kinda messy and IMO the firefox 3 beta was not a very good 
move on the part of Ubuntu.  It does not offer any stability or use 
cases and actually breaks all kinds of things because the add-ins and 
extensions do not support the beta release yet.

Just removing the ff3 and installing ff2 is not enough since it appears 
that lots of things were changed "under the hood" which means you have 
to go digging around for fixes.

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