Hardy on a Toshiba P100-441 language problems!!!!

Wolf Canis wolf.canis at googlemail.com
Sun May 4 18:25:48 UTC 2008

Peter Toering wrote:
> I have installed Hardy on my Toshiba P100-441 laptop. Everything is
> working okay except the language. I installed the dutch language and
> everything worked until reboot. I now have a systeem with both english
> and dutch parts. The Menu's are english and the content in the menu's
> dutch. Anyone got a clue???.
> Thanks in advance
> Peter

Hello Peter,
I haven't yet a Ubuntu system to my disposal, but I remember that one
have to, after installation, to check the language installations and if one
does that Ubuntu installed the rest of the language packs. It must be
a menu under preferences or administration (It has a flag).
Then you have to append the kernel parameter locale="your-locale".
After that, reboot the system and at the graphical prompt click on
settings / options and then language. There you can change the language
for next session temporarily or permanent.

W. Canis

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