Firefox 3.05b - Sound for Adobe Flashplayer 9 worked then quit

Alex Janssen alex at
Sun May 4 17:11:36 UTC 2008

I just upgraded to U8.04 and started Firefox by clicking a link 
( to an article.  There was a 
flash ad on that page and it was playing sound.  FF prompted me, as it 
had a few times before, to load version 2 settings or keep the 3.0b5 
defaults.  I clicked to load the v2 settings that I had been using for a 
year and the sound stopped. I guess that was a mistake.  Flash sound 
plays on youtube, but not for this ad.  This ad plays on a desktop I 
have, but not on my laptop, anymore.  I cannot discern the differences 
in the setups, as of yet.
Anyone got any ideas about what may have happened to the sound?
Should I try deleting all traces of Firefox and reinstalling to get it 
back to defaults?

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