multiple grub menu.lst?

Charlie Zender zender at
Sun May 4 16:07:51 UTC 2008

 > >  > Grub is finding the menu.lst in /boot/grub of the partition that was
 > >  > named
 > >  > as the boot partition when you did (probably implicitly)
 > >  > "grub-install". Unless you have created a new /boot or / partition,
 > >  > it's still looking in the same place.
 > >
 > > Unfortunately, that seems to describe what is happening.
 > Not a problem then.  You just need to run "grub-install" with the new
 > partition as the target.  OR you can edit the old menu.lst with the boot
 > params in the _new_ menu.lst.

I tried grub-install as suggested by glgxg above and, as reported above, 
the system
stopped booting. The problem with editing menu.lst was that I could
never find the menu.lst that it was booting from. Am trying fresh
install now.

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