Undo 7.10 upgrade to 8.04 ?

Justin Gruenberg justin.gruenberg at gmail.com
Sun May 4 00:43:53 UTC 2008

On Sat, May 3, 2008 at 2:01 PM, elmo <elmo at ne.rr.com> wrote:
>  It's not that wanted to downgrade back to 7.10 per se.  I thought
>  perhaps if I could redo the upgrade from 7.10 afresh,  the up grade
>  would install correctly and I'd be able to see evidence of that..  As it
>  is, everything,  the bootup menu, the desktop still
>  look like 7.10 and menu.lst shows no evidence of 8.04.   However, I know
>  that 8.04 is hiding there,  somewhere.
>  I still would like to have the upgrade working correctly.
>  elmo

If the lsb_release -a command said you have 8.04, you got it.  The
desktop theme did not change.  I'm not sure why your bootup menu did
not change, but that seems minor.  Are any applications you are using
not current (ie, you still have firefox 2)?

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