Grub overlaping

Derek Broughton news at
Sat May 3 20:32:48 UTC 2008

John K Masters wrote:

> On 13:49 Sat 03 May     , Anna EdwARds wrote:
>> I have a grub machine with access to easily twenty thousand booting
>> operating systems on 4 thousand machines
> Who's machines? Not your's I would guess.

Why not?  

>> _____________________________
>> Sent from my phone using flurry - Get free mobile email and news at:
> If you have access to all these machines, why send email from your
> phone?

You don't pay much attention do you.  This has been, to my mind, entirely
adequately explained here.  In any case, one uses the email one prefers.

>> _________________________________________________________________
>> Stay in touch when you're away with Windows Live Messenger.
> Good advert on a Linux mailing list!

Give it a break.  It's a .sig, and it's obviously inserted by the service
not the user.  Anna would be far from the only person with annoying but
insignificant cruft tacked on to her mails using this list.

> Anna EdwARds >> killfile

John K Masters should have got there first...

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