Alpha, beta, ....

Sandy Harris sandyinchina at
Sat May 3 18:18:00 UTC 2008

Is there a way to find out which pieces of 8.04 are
in what state? Alpha, beta, whatever? Seems to
me we need one.

Searching in the add/remove panel for "alpha" gets
a dozen or so hits, "beta" only two. Searching in
Synaptic gets several dozen for each. I suspect
neither search gives a really goo answer; there are
both false positives and false negatives.

Firefox 3.x is a beta, but easily replaced with the
current 2.x stable release, via Synaptic.

People have reported problems with gnash. My
add/remove app says my 8.04 has an Alpha of
that, but .
says a beta came out in March. If I installed
gnash and id ugrades, would I get the beta? How
would I know that, short of "try it and see"?.

Sandy Harris,
Nanjing, China

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