Can't unmount

Bob McConnell rmcconne at
Sat May 3 12:25:09 UTC 2008

John Hubbard wrote:
> The other day I mounted my home directory (/home/jhubbard) from my 
> server on my laptop as /home/jhubbard/home.  Now I can't un-mount it.  I 
> can't remember how I mounted it.  It is shared as both a NFS share and a 


> Any thoughts? 

The most common reason umount fails is the FS believes it's busy. 
Somewhere a running process has a file or directory open. Since it is 
your home, just logging in as jhubbard would do it. You need to log in 
as root and make sure there are no other users logged in. From a shell 
'who' will give you a list of all the users currently logged in. 
'whoami' shows your current identity.

Bob McConnell

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