VirtualBox OSE + USB

sdavmor sdavmor at
Sat May 3 03:11:45 UTC 2008

Young wrote:
> sdavmor wrote:
>> NoOp wrote:
>>> On 04/30/2008 05:32 PM, Ranmadhu wrote:
>>>> NoOp wrote:
>>>>> I used the VB from the repos, and as a test installed
>>>>> WinXPPro. Magic!
>>>>> However, I could not manage to get USB support working.
>>>> From what I recall, the repos has the open sourced version.
>>>> The open source version does not support USB (see 
>>>>, but the
>>>> closed-source one does. I have the closed source version (on
>>>> 7.10) and USB works fine.
>>>> Ranmadhu
>>> Thanks. Blew out the repo version & used this to reinstall:
>>> <>
>>> The only problem that I had was that I had to use
>>> sudo dpkg -i <name>.deb
>>> as the Nautilus installer stalled due to the older version. USB
>>>  came up like a charm. Installing Win2KP now for testing :-)
>> Good. I'd like to install WK2P I have an OEM sans key) just so I
>> can run those few "dammit I have to have that" apps. Sounds like
>> I'll be coming down the same highway as you a couple of days
>> behind you.
> Will VirtualBox support Win98?  That's all I would need for my old
>  Windows only apps. It would also be smaller and faster I think.
> Mark

Someone else will have to answer that for you. But I hear where you're
coming from. I want the minimal Winxx in a virtual that will run the
one thing I have to have. Because of the .NET v2 requirement (will
will no doubt be a frakking .NET v3 by the time the next version of
Acid Pro comes along) it has to be Win2K or WinXP for me. Which is
fine. If I can virtualize Win2K and run Acid (et al) there that's what
I'll do instead of WinXP -- leaner and therefore more bang for the
virtualized RAM/buck.
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