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Charlie Kravetz cjk at
Sat May 3 02:01:33 UTC 2008

On Fri, 2008-05-02 at 17:53 -0700, John Hubbard wrote:
> The other day I mounted my home directory (/home/jhubbard) from my 
> server on my laptop as /home/jhubbard/home.  Now I can't un-mount it.  I 
> can't remember how I mounted it.  It is shared as both a NFS share and a 
> Samba share.  When my laptop is connected to the home network I can 
> browse the folder, but otherwise I get problems.  (An >ls -l of my 
> laptops home directory hangs if I can't see the server.)
> I have tried :
> jhubbard at jhubbard-laptop:~$ umount /home/jhubbard/home/
> umount: /home/jhubbard/home is not mounted (according to mtab)
> jhubbard at jhubbard-laptop:~$ smbumount /home/jhubbard/home
> /home/jhubbard/home probably not smb-filesystem
> jhubbard at jhubbard-laptop:~$ umount jhubbard-server:/home/jhubbard/home/
> umount: jhubbard-server:/home/jhubbard/home/ is not mounted (according 
> to mtab)
> jhubbard at jhubbard-laptop:~$ umount jhubbard-server:/home/jhubbard
> umount: jhubbard-server:/home/jhubbard is not mounted (according to mtab)
> I also tried an rm -rf /home/jhubbard/home and I wiped my home directory 
> on my server.  At least I had a backup that was only a day or two old. 
> Does anyone know what I have to do to unmount the share and make the 
> folder go away. 
> BTW autofs is not installed.  I haven't tried a reboot yet but if 
> someone thinks that it will help I will try it. 
> Any thoughts? 
> -- 
> -john
Have you looked at /etc/fstab to see what it thinks /home should be? If
you are running Ubuntu with GNOME desktop, you should have an icon on
your desktop showing the NFS share, delete it to break delete the share.

good luck,

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