Best partition size for Ubuntu Root

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ssc1478 wrote:
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>> I'm still not that familiar with why (or how) to separate /,  /boot,
>> and /home. What are the advantages?
> The how is when you do an install.  You're asked whether you want to
> define the partitions or let the installer do it.
> The advantages (for me anyway) of having two disks, one
> exclusively for /home, lets me replace the drive that has /home with a
> larger one if I want without reinstalling the OS.  It also makes it
> easier to install new versions of ubuntu or different distros because
> I can be sure not to affect the /home partition.  
> I no longer remember the rationale for having a separate / and /boot
> partitions.  (I've had this setup for a long time.)
> Phil
    Putting boot on a seperate partition goes back to when you had to 
boot from the first 30 GB of your 100 GB HD. It has no value today.



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