6.06.2 LTS server hardware recommendations

Mario Frechette mario at technicite.ca
Fri May 2 04:22:45 UTC 2008

Brian McKee a écrit :
> Mario Frechette wrote:
>> Hi everyone
>> I am looking forward  to install a 6.06.2  LTS server on a HP proliant 
>> DL3XX series ( it looks it's the only one that has been tested  in HP 
>> series ) with a hardware Raid Controler 
>> it will be mostly a file and print server with Windoze clients no more 
>> than 12 users
>> after googling , couldn't find much information on this issue
>> as anybody tested  successfully this hardware  ?
>> or any other servers platform  ?
> Mario,
> 	I would seriously consider just starting with 8.04 LTS.   I know it's
> pretty 'new',  but you might want to think about it anyway.  Simple file
> and print server I wouldn't expect to many suprises.
> 	There are lots of officially supported server packages out there -
> Dell, IBM and I believe even HP will happily sell you one...
> 	For better feedback in this area (i.e. people who are actually using
> the iron you're considering) I'd try the ubuntu-server IRC channel....
> #ubuntu-server on irc.freenode.net
> Brian
Thanks  Brian

Good to know people like you

Getting on the IRC ..


Mario Fréchette

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