How can I display a list of current environment variables and also recognized regular expressions....

Karl Larsen k5di at
Thu May 1 21:10:39 UTC 2008

John Toliver wrote:
> I'm looking for the equivalent of the "SET" command in windows.  also if
> in windows if I typed something like "c:\copy *.* d:\" where can I find
> a list of "*.*" that linux recognizes.  I'm trying to get the basics of
> scripting.  I'm sorry I don't know any more useful ways of describing
> it.
> Basically if I type cp *.*(what I mean is "all files") source
> destination.
> would these be considered regular expressions? I'm a little hazy on
> this.
> Patience yields far greater results than brute force or rage ever could
> so's just life !!!
    In Unix we seldom use *.* to denote all files. We use *. In Unix * 
stands for everything :-)

    Now for an example. Lets say you have a lot of files in 
/usr/local/mystuff/ that you want to also have in the directory 
/home/john/. You can make this happen from anywhere on the system with this:

$ sudo cp -a /usr/local/mystuff/* /home/john/

This will happen so fast you can't tell what is going on. The -a tells 
cp to keep track of all the sim links and such.



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